Llandrindod Wellness Route 1 - around the Lake

To support people in reaching their own Llandrindod Wellness goals, we've created a simple 1 kilometer route around the Lake - the Llandrindod Wellness Route. The circular route around the Lake is flat, accessible and takes in beautiful views across the lake and the surrounding woodland and scenery. The Route has been designated as the first Llandrindod Wellness Route in order to encourage people to get out and be more active, more often.

Sometimes its difficult to take that first step towards improving your fitness so why not give this route a go? To help you, the route comes with a leafelt for you to mark off each lap you complete.

Llandrindod Wellness Route 1km leaflet  You can download the leaflet here.

There is also a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/llandrindodwellness/ where you can post pictures of your progress and encourage others to start their journey to Llandrindod Wellness.

Being more active more often is the key to feeling fitter and being healthier. Why not take up the challenge with a group of friends? Introduce the idea to work colleagues, your family or members of your club and collectively see if you can complete 100 laps of the lake. You will be amazed how quickly you clock up some serious distances by completing 1 kilometer at a time.

If you complete 8 kilometers, that 5 miles, so if you reach 16kms that's 10 miles and if you clock up 21 killometers that a massive half marathon! Amazing!

You don't have to do lots of laps at a time, aim to get out and maybe start with just a couple a week and build up to doing more lpas, more often. We've put the Llandrindod Wellness Route there to help motivate you and to help Llandrindod on its journey to becoming the Wellness Capital of Britain.

Good Luck!



The wells at Llandrindod had been resorted to as early 1696, when the Vaughans of Herefordshire stayed for three weeks to take the waters.
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The Central Wales line from Knighton to Llandrindod Wells was opened in 1865 putting Llandrindod Wells in easy reach of the urban centres of the North West, the midlands and South Wales.
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The 'season' lasted from May to mid September. Outside the pump rooms at the Rock Park and the Pump House Hotel the visitors queued each morning to take the waters, entertained by music from the orchestras.
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