Peaceful Soul, "Therapies at the Heart of Wellness"

I’m Susan Collins and I offer Counselling, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Facilitation, Reiki Healing, Massage and Ear Candling.

I work within the Complementary Health Centre at The Rock Park in Llandrindod Wells, I offer you access to these therapies which can help you to touch the “Heart of Wellness”.

In today’s busy world while trying to meet the demands of society, people often forget that they too have physical, mental and emotional needs and the result is that they become tense, irritable and unwell.

My ethos is that within each and every one of us is an innate yearning to be all that we can be. My aim is to support you as you experience your choice of therapy which may help you to fulfil that yearning; touching at the Heart of Wellness and rediscovering a sense of Inner Calm. This in turn may enable you to achieve the goals that you want for yourself and be all that you can be.

I’m enthusiastic about people having a sense of well-being, in fact, your well-being is at the heart of our work together. Join me for your therapy session(s) in a safe and comfortable setting at the Complementary Health Centre and begin your journey into Wellness. Please remember that your physical, emotional and mental well-being matters.

Working within Complementary Health Centre at The Rock Park, LD1 6AE LD1 6AE