Llandrindod SOUP

Llandrindod SOUP is a regular community event which brings people together to share a meal of delicious soup and raise small pots of funds for creative community projects that make Llandrindod and surrounding villages a better place to live.

For a donation of £3 at a SOUP event:
We hear from 3 or 4 different ideas wanting to create social good (either already going or a completely new idea). They each get 4 minutes to tell us about their idea.
We (as a whole audience) can ask up to 4 questions about each idea.
We eat delicious home made soup.
We get entertained by local talented artists as we eat and chat about the ideas.
We vote for the idea that we like the best or we think will benefit our town the most.
We donate all the £3s paid on the door to the idea with the most votes to help make that idea happen.
We make new connections and new friends AND we have fun!
soup@transitionllandrindod.org.uk LD1 5LU