The Town Council declaring that the man-made changes in climate are an emergency needing immediate action is an important first step, and to be meaningful it has to be the start of action that reflects the fact that time is limited.

Greta Thunberg summed the situation up; “I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is”.

The changes that will make the difference between the planet being recognisable in 50 years and not, will have to be made by nations, collectively and individually.

However, at every level of society, people can make positive changes to the outcome and very importantly they, by their actions, can lobby for change by those nations.

This web page is an opportunity to see what the Town Council is doing in its own small way to increase both sustainability and carbon reduction, and to provide encouragement to others who want to act with the backing of the council.

The web page will also be act as a notification board for events and organisations working to achieve positive change.

Those at school now will see a very different world. The council wants to work and support everyone and especially the young, to reduce the impact of these certain changes that they will experience in their lifetime.

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