Llandrindod Wells town branding

The Llandrindod Wells town brand is important to us so we put a great deal of emphasis on how it is used and applied.

To help anyone using the town branding, you can download copies of the branding guidelines, the town logo and some key strap lines in our distincitve font to ensure that the brand is delivered in a professional, consistent and effective way.

We developed the brand because places all over the world are competing with each other, each trying to boost its visitor numbers and economic prosperity. The role of the a compelling place brand is increasingly recognised as an important ingredient of success. Every place is unique. Every place is diifferent. The place brand we have developed for Llandrindod Wells celebrates what's special about our town. It's been designed to highlight our strengths as a place to influence behaviour, drive development strategies and inspire initiaitvies such as events.

Our place brand is 'Llandrindod Wellness' or 'Llawen-drindod'.

Our brand is grounded in our spa town heritage and recognises that natural health and wellness are increasingly important in today's world. After all, our traditional town emblem features Hygieia the Goddess of Health.

'Llandrindod Wellness' also reflects the quality of life you can enjoy here. No conjestion or pollution issues for us. We live well. We think we've got work-life balanced about right. There's a real sense of community and neighbourliness too. It's safe and family friendly, the perfect place to bring up a family.

And all this means that Llandrindod Wells is a great place to visit for a healthy break. Whether it's for a relaxing weekend to recouperate or for a more active holiday, walking, cycling or in the countryside.

This video has been made to explain the concept behind the Llandrindod Wellness brand so is not intended to be a promotional film for the town. In time, businesses can use the branding concept to create their own Wellness brochures, pictures, adverts and publicity materials.


To help you adopt and use the Llandrindod Wellness brand, click on the small pictures below to download the brand guidelines.

    Wellness branding guidelines - English

    Wellness branding guidelines - Welsh

To download the town LOGO in a variety of formats CLICK HERE   For information and downloads about FONTS and STRAPLINES, CLICK HERE 

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