Our Town


Our town evolved from a small farming community into a popular resort and Spa town where Victorians flocked to take the waters. You can still try the waters at the Chalybeate Spring in the Rock Park and see the wonderful architecture from that time all around the town.

In Llandrindod Wells we recognise that natural health and wellness are increasingly important in today’s world. And, after all, our traditional town crest features Hygieia, the Goddess of Health.
So when we talk about Llandrindod Wellness we are reflecting the quality of life that you can enjoy here. No congestion or pollution issues for us. We live well. We think we’ve got the work-life balance about right. There’s a real sense of community and neighbourliness too. It’s safe and family-friendly, the perfect place to bring up a family. And al this means that Llandrindod Wells is a great place to live, do business and to visit for a healthy break. Whether you want a relaxing weekend to recuperate or to indulge in something more active, like walking or cycling in beautiful countryside, we have it all.

Well... now time for a little history...