i-beacons Trial

Welcome to the Llandrindod Wells i-beacons Trial
Llandrindod Wells is punching above its weight in launching an exciting way to engage with shoppers in the town. We’re using clever little gadgets to direct message people’s mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. That way potential shoppers can keep up to date with the latest EXCLUSIVE information, offers and promotions from the town’s businesses.
If you’d like to take part in the trial it’s all explained here  - Click here to download

The testing of the town’s i-beacon messages was designed to try out a new way of enticing people to use their local shops and businesses. The trial ran for 12 weeks and has now finished. A huge thankyou to all the citizens and businesses that took part in testing out the system – we think this was a first for Llandrindod Wells!

We were so pleased that around 130 people downloaded the test app and that the messages were activated over 2100 times during the trial. We will now take a look at what worked and what we learnt from the trial. Keep shopping locally to support the folk running businesses in our town.