Our fourth annual community orchard wassail - all are warmly welcome to come along and help to celebrate your community orchard and encourage the trees for the coming year.

What to bring:
A cup - VERY IMPORTANT! - there'll be a hot drink provided for everyone. To help us save on waste, please bring your own cup/mug/beaker. The drinks will all be free but there will be a charge for a disposable cup if you need one, to encourage their reuse.
A slice or two of toast - yes really! We'll be hanging the trees with toast as an offering to the tree spirits and to the birds.
Brightly coloured ribbons - for dressing the trees with.
A noise maker (optional) - children especially are encouraged to bring a rattle, shaker or something to bang, to help us scare away any dark spirits that might be lurking!
A musical instrument (optional) - if you'd like to join in with the music making.
A torch or lantern - it'll be dark by the time we're done, so make sure you bring a light of some kind with you.

Dress code = WARM. Bright colours, garish patchwork, silly hats and cloaks are actively encouraged, but above all make sure you will be warm enough.
Make sure you wear suitable shoes for potentially wet and slippy ground!

As in previous years the evening will go something like this:
4pm - Noisy procession from the Bandstand to the Community Orchard - bring your shakers and drums and voices!
4:30pm - Tree dressing, music, hot drinks and snacks in the orchard.
5pm - Wassail ceremony, more music and general merriment.
6pm (ish) - Finish


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