On Wednesday 21st June, we are excited to announce we will be joined by the very talented Forbidden Nights. Their special appearances on BRITAIN’s GOT TALENT produced the most watched audition on You Tube with views now totalling in excess of 30 million. They have featured regularly on Big Brother and TOWIE. FORBIDDEN were used by Warner Brothers to promote the original Magic Mike film and Channing Tatum has given them permission to use his appreciative quotes in their marketing material. The evening is suitable for ages 18 to 80. Think Cirque de Soleil meets Magic Mike. Music and Muscle (and a tipple or 2!) make the perfect combination for a girl’s night of fun.
Tickets will go on sale on Friday 31st March.
First five rows - £23.50 + b/fee
All other tickets - £20.00 + b/fee


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