Copyright free images of people and places in Llandrindod Wells

Are you thinking about creating promotional material for your business, organisation or event?

We can help!

Now you can combine the downloadable Llandrindod logo and copyright free strap lines in the distinctive Llandrindod Wellness branding font with lovely images of local people in a variety of town settings.

All the elements you need to create striking, successful promotional materials and it's all copyright free and free of charge. The pictures below give you an idea of the sort of images we have available. The images are grouped into packages which are downloadable as a zip or compressed file.

To download a themed group of images simply click on the text below:

People at work 1 (Travel, hotel, car detailing)  10 images
People at work 2 (Haulage, Gift shop, Pub)  19 images
People at work 3 (Riversimple) 7 images               
People at work 4 (Shops + cafes) 8 images
Cycling images  6 images
Couple cycling at lake 12 images
Road cycling 9 images
Sport / fitness 1 (gym, indoor bowls)  10 images
Sport / fitness 2 (Junior football + rugby) 6 images
Senior men's rugby 4 images
Golf summer 12 images
Golf autumn 3 images
Outdoor bowls 18 images
Running 16 images
Llandrindod's champion hill runner 11 images
Tennis 10 images
Autumn - family Temple Gardens 10 images
Autumn - family The Common 6 images
Autumn leaves 9 images
Llandrindod Cafes   17 images
Llandrindod logo on mugs 6 images
Mum and child in Rock Park 12 images
Couple on Temple Gardens 16 images
Llandrindod shops  26 images
At the Lake  24 images
Sports cars at the lake 6 images
Couple walking at the lake 15 images
Men relaxing at the lake 7 images
Family play at the Lake  12 images
Mum and child at the Lake  11 images
Mums with babies having coffee 5 images
Young people in cafe 7 images
Young people, bikes, Temple gardens 6 images
Young people at Temple Gardens 10 images
Llandrindod views 9 images
The Fabulous Water Beast 7 images