Rhayader to Llandrindod Wells

This a 20km (12 mile) linear walk. It is graded as MODERATE. There are two stiff climbs but otherwise the walk is simply undulating. The walk starts from Rhayader (the Post Office) which is about 15km (10 miles) north west of Llandrindod Wells on the A470 and can be reached by public transport from Llandrindod Railway Station. It finishes at the Llandrindod Lake where the facilities include parking, a restaurant and public toilets.As with all the walks around Llandrindod, the paths can be muddy and slippery in wet weather when stout shoes or boots are advisable. As the area is very much sheep country, dogs should only be taken if they are on leads and under close control.

This walk includes riverside, woodland, forestry, high open ground and farm land. There are good views over Rhayader at the start and over Llandrindod at the end.

  1. Start at Rhayader Leisure Centre cross the pedestrian crossing then you enter West Street opposite the old Police Station. Turn right and cross the road. Go down hill and turn left into Water Lane until you see the rugby playing fields in front of you. Turn right down to the banks of the rive Wye. Keeping an eye out for the creatures from above, continue until you cross a footbridge and come out onto the main A470 road. Turn right and within 20 yds turn right down the side of a bungalow and once more walk along the side of the river. Keeping to the river bank, continue until you reach the sewage works. At the end of the wire fence, turn left and continue with the fence on your left up to the main road.
  2. Take care crossing the road. Turn right and in 20 m enter Dyffryn Woods on the left, which is an RSPB Nature Reserve. Follow the track uphill; keeping the small brook on your right and following the green topped marker posts will lead you to a metal bridle gate taking you out of the woods and onto the open hill. Keep to the well marked path going up hill close to the hedge line, until the path turns right. Keep to the path, until in a short distance it swings left, but a less defined path continues up and across the hill to a metal farm gate - a good point to take a breather and enjoy the views across Rhayader. Ignore the farm track immediately after passing through this gate and continue up hill slowly moving across the hill to the left. You will eventually reach an outcrop of rocks. The route to follow goes between the rocks to a farm gate with a three way finger post. From this point over to the right you can see the beacon and cairn, well worth a visit.
  3. Do not pass through the gate, but turn left at the gate, cross the next stile and continue ahead on a farm track. When the track bends to the right go through the gate ahead and head for the finger post ahead. At the post turn half left and go down hill through bracken to a stile. Cross this stile and continue half right down hill to the next stile leading into an open wood. Pass through the wood, passing a small pond on your left. Go through the farm gate, keeping the hedge row on your left until you see two gates ahead. Turn sharp right, with the hedge still on your left until you come to a finger post. Follow the direction indicated down hill to the stile at the bottom leading onto a council road.
  4. Turn right and keep on this lane passing the entrance to Upper Esgair-Rhiw until you reach a junction with a no through road sign to the right. Take this road and in about ¼ mile the road bears right, but you continue straight ahead, on a bridle path. Keep to this path, crossing the Nant Glas road and keeping the forestry to your left. After a while you cross over a small bridge and come to a footpath sign on the right. Ignore this path and continue for another 20m until you see on the right a 5-bar gate leading into the forestry. Pass through this gate and keep on the forest track. You will eventually come to a very sharp left hand bend and turning area with a water fall. Keep left at this point still on the forest track until you see a marker post on the right and the path going up hill. You have now left the forest which is on your right. Continue uphill with the TV mast on your right. At the top catch your breath and admire the views across Llandrindod.
  5. It’s all down hill from here. Follow the fence line on your left downhill. Cross the stile. Continue down hill and cross a second stile and then head for the right hand corner of a thin belt of trees onto a farm track. Passing left through the farm gate head half right across the field to a stile with a four way finger post. Cross the stile and head for the bottom corner of the wood on your right, enter the wood by a broken down old gate, turn sharp left through the wood to a stile bringing you out onto a farm track. Go straight ahead on this track, which bends slowly to the left, until you pass over a second track going left to right. At this junction you will notice a stile in front of you and a little to the left. Cross the stile and go down a steep bank to a gate across the path/stream.
  6. Follow the well used path through the wood keeping to the left of the stream, and across the fields to a stile. Cross the stile, and continue to another stile in the hedgerow ahead. Cross the stile and turn sharp left, keeping the hedge on your left and continue until you reach the council road. Turn right and follow the road until you reach a finger post on your right. Follow the way marked route, ignoring the footbridge on your right, continue into the woodland keeping the stream on your right. At the first convenient spot ford the stream. Continue, keeping the stream now on your left, to the stile onto the main A4081 road. Cross the road, turn left and go down to Cwm-Nant farm entrance. *If the stream level is high it is better to follow the road into Llanyre. At the junction turn right at the Bell Inn, turn right again cross the main A4081 road and go down hill to Cwm-Nant farm entrance.*
  7. Go down the farm road to the farm house. Pass in front of the house into the farm yard. Turn immediately left through a gate and follow the path until you reach two gates. Take the left hand gate keeping the hedge to your right. Pass through a second gate and you will see a stile in the hedge in front of you. Cross this stile and head down the field to the farm gate close to the river and a council road.
  8. Turn left and follow the road to another junction with the A4081. Cross the road and turn right down the cycle track. Follow this until you reach the bridge over the river Ithon, which you cross. On the opposite side of the road is a stile which you go over. Head diagonally across two fields back onto the A4081. Turn right and follow the pavement back into town along Ithon Road to the roundabout. You can now turn left into the High Street and head for the station, or turn right into Rock Park and follow the signs back to the Lake.


The wells at Llandrindod had been resorted to as early 1696, when the Vaughans of Herefordshire stayed for three weeks to take the waters.
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The Central Wales line from Knighton to Llandrindod Wells was opened in 1865 putting Llandrindod Wells in easy reach of the urban centres of the North West, the midlands and South Wales.
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The 'season' lasted from May to mid September. Outside the pump rooms at the Rock Park and the Pump House Hotel the visitors queued each morning to take the waters, entertained by music from the orchestras.
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